Online Programming



Our beginner and intermediate weightlifting programs are designed for athletes of all ages looking to learn the basics and fundamentals of weightlifting, such as Snatch and Clean and Jerk. The program is designed to incorporate drills and technique work 3 - 4 days a week. Video feedback is included, record your training for video analysis.


Our competitive weightlifting program is geared toward athletes of all ages looking to compete in both National and/or International competitions. This program is rigorously designed to train up to 6 times per week for athletes looking to gain a competitive advantage. Video feedback is included, record your training for video analysis!


Our CrossFit performance is geared for CrossFit competitors looking to enhance their weightlifting skills. This program will be designed around the CrossFit Regionals and Games calendar. The program will include 2-3 weightlifting sessions and video analysis.

CrossFit competitions award about 30% of its points based upon the proficiency of the Olympic lifts. - Rich Froning





Our sports performance strength & conditioning program takes athletes of all sports and incorporates weightlifting into their regular training schedule.  "A majority of sports require explosive power (strength & speed) in order to play up to full potential. While the Olympic lifts do not mimic many specific sport skills such as running, throwing, or catching, they do develop the specific adaptation of explosive power." - NASM